The Higher Education Academy outlines five teaching activities that all educators of university students should be proficient in. The following table provides some links to help you consider your practice in these areas

Teaching Activity

Tips from Barts staff members

Articles from educational literature

A1: Designing and planning learning

·       Conducting a learning needs analysis

·       Lesson planning

·       Making sense of aims and learning outcomes

·       Managing small group teaching

A2: Teaching and supporting learning

·       Learning and teaching with patients

·       Student centred learning

·       Teaching small groups (BMJ)

·       Learning and teaching in the clinical environment (BMJ)

·       Problem-based learning (BMJ)

A3: Assessment and giving feedback


·       Evaluation (BMJ)

·       Work-based assessment (BMJ)

·       Written assessment (BMJ)

·       Skill based assessment  (BMJ)

A4:Developing an effective learning environment and providing student support

·       Creating a positive culture of teaching and learning in the practice

·       Setting ground rules

·       Role modelling in medical education

·       One to one teaching and feedback (BMJ)

·       Educational environment (BMJ)

A5: Evaluating your own educational practice, research and scholarship


·       Applying educational theory to practice (BMJ)

·       Curriculum design (BMJ)

·       Teaching on the Run Tips

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