Please see below for an overview of the expectations for tutors and practices for undertaking practice-based teaching: 

Tutor Expectations 

Practice Expectations 

  • All new GP tutors should undertake our Introduction to Teaching Course- formally NESTT- North East London Student Tutor Training (in the absence of ITTPC) within 12 months of starting teaching
  • In planning student learning use module specific tutor guides
  • Co-ordinate student induction into the practice including pre-placement EMAIL, student induction handout and welcoming and introducing the student to the practice.
  • Assess students and give specific and timely feedback to students
  • Inform unit leads and administrator if you have any concerns about a student or student absences. 
  • Regular review and action upon student feedback. The lead tutor will receive a link to JISC feedback which should be shared with all teachers
  • Complete GP tutor review which includes how you have changed practice in response to student feedback and peer conversations or observation you are engaging in (online questionnaire sent to practices in October)
  • Membership of defence organisation

  • Named lead GP tutor, responsible for teaching and feedback
  • Attend at least one departmental tutor training day per year - see training and events
  • Patient consent is mandatory
  • Inform department of any CQC or GMC reported issues
  • Completion of SLA (Service Level Agreement) 
  • Students should be provided with PC and internet access at the practice.
  • Create induction pack for students  
  • Appointment of an educational co-ordinator to administrate the student placement

If you have any queries please look at our TEACHING,FINANCE or QA FAQs  and you can contact:

Ellen Hall

Chloe Millan 

Lynne Magorrian 

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