RESOLVED: QMplus account issues - some users not able to log into QMplus

RESOLVED: QMplus account issues - some users not able to log into QMplus

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We are currently investigating an issue where some user accounts are not able to log into QMplus. The issue was first raised on Thursday, 1st October at around 3pm. Our technicians are working on fixing this problem and we will keep you updated of the progress.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this will be causing during the first week of teaching, and we are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. 


QMplus Support Team


Update - Friday, 2nd October: User accounts are now being restored into QMplus. We are investigating ways to restore enrolment and course activities for these users. 

Update Thursday, 8th October: We apologise for the inconvenience that some users are experiencing with logging into QMplus. Accounts were removed from QMplus last week and are being restored - we anticipate that this will be completed by the end of today. Following this a full investigation will be carried out and a report of what happened will be made.


Update sent on Friday, 9th October:

Dear QMplus users,

We regret that during a scheduled QMplus housekeeping task on 1 October 2015, a number of active QMplus accounts were erroneously deleted. The housekeeping process was undertaken to delete unused accounts to help to keep QMplus free of unnecessary data and improve performance. Unfortunately the most recent task resulted in a number of users being unable to access QMplus at all.

IT Services have worked hard over the last few days to restore accounts in QMplus and to re-enrol the affected users onto their associated course areas. There has also been extensive investigation into how this error occurred and what measures can be put in place to reduce this risk in the future.

We sincerely apologise to everyone who was impacted, including those who support the affected users. We are also aware that this has happened at a busy time of the year and as part of the lessons learned, we will ensure that these tasks are better timed in future.

I have uploaded a full incident report, with data supplied by IT Services, for more detailed information.  If you have been affected and believe that data is still missing, please get in touch with us by raising at the Helpdesk or by calling 8888.


On behalf of the E-Learning Unit and QMplus teams