How to Complete the Module Preferences Form (MPF)


Students within the School of English and Drama

  1. Before identifying your module preferences for next year, make sure you’ve read and understood your degree programme requirements:
  2. Consult your Advisor in the School during their regular drop-in hours about your module preferences in advance of completing your online Module Preferences Form. You can ask them about any aspect of the process, including your programme requirements. A list of academic staff drop-in hours is available via QMplus.
  3. The online Module Preferences Form (MPF) will be open for you to complete between the morning of Monday 18 March, and will close at 11.59pm on Thursday 11 April. Links to the form will be available via the QMplus Module Directory. You will only be able to log into the form that is relevant to your programme and year of study. There is no advantage to you in completing the MPF early: all forms submitted by the deadline will be treated equally.
  4. Access the online MPF by clicking through from the Module Directory landing page on QMplus. You will need to log in using the following credentials:
    • your ‘Username’ is the IT Services username you use to log into QMplus and other College services (e.g. le12345): please note that this is case-sensitive, and must only contain lower-case letters ('le12345' NOT 'LE12345' or 'Le12345')
    • your ‘Password’ is your 9 digit Student Code (e.g. 123456789) that can be found on your student ID card (note that this is different from your usual Queen Mary password)
  5. Complete the online MPF, following the on-screen instructions. There is no need to enter your name or programme of study: this information is automatically recorded.
  6. You must answer every question on the Module Preferences Form, and will not be able to submit the form until you have done so.  Note that the online software will ‘time-out’ after 30 minutes, so you must complete and submit your form within 30 minutes of logging in. (The process shouldn't normally take more than 15 minutes in total.)
  7. Submit your Module Preferences Form by clicking ‘Finish’ at the bottom of the page. Once you have clicked ‘Finish’ the information you provide will be submitted and can no longer be changed.
  8. Save or print your completed MPF. You do this by using the ‘Download My Responses’ feature, which is available to you for 15 minutes after you have submitted the form. Click 'My Responses' and then save the web-page that loads and/or click 'Download as PDF'.
  9. The Module Preferences Form will close at 11.59pm on Thursday 11 April. You must complete the online form by this deadline.


Students Studying on a Year Abroad

If you are applying to study abroad for the whole of your second year (on a 'with a Year Abroad' programme) we strongly recommend that you still complete the relevant online Module Preferences Form as if you will be studying at QMUL for the entire year. This is to make sure you are allocated to modules of your choice in the event that you are unable (or ultimately choose not) to study abroad next year. Please also use the 'Additional Information' box on the Module Preferences Form to explain your intention to study abroad in 2024/25 should your application be successful. (If you do not complete a Module Preferences Form and then do not study abroad next year, we will only be able to allocate you to modules that still have spaces.


Students Studying in Semester ONE Only

If you are applying to study abroad in Semester 1 of your second year, you must still complete the relevant online Module Preferences Form as if you will be studying at QMUL for the entire year. This is because places to study abroad are not formally confirmed until after the module selection process closes. However, please also use the 'Additional Information' box on the Module Preferences Form to indicate which 60 credits you wish to study in Semester 2 of 2024/25 should your application to study abroad be successful.


Students Returning from Interruption in January 2025

If you are returning from a period of interruption in January 2025 you do NOT need to complete the Module Preferences Form as if you will be studying at QMUL for the entire year. The School of English and Drama will re-register you the modules you had selected during the academic year when your period of interruption commenced and will contact you directly about this process if necessary (e.g. if any of the modules you originally selected are not running on this occasion).


Students External to the School of English and Drama

Students on QMUL programmes outside the School of English and Drama should follow their Home School's process for selecting modules. Use the MySIS module selection task to list any SED module(s) you wish to take unless your Home School has alternative arrangements in place (you will need to ask them). We will then approve or reject your SED module request in time for your Home School to make its final decision about your overall module allocation.


A note about the online Module Preferences Form: the School’s online Module Preferences Forms are hosted via JISC Online Surveys, an online surveys and form tool used predominantly by UK Higher Education Institutions and other public bodies. Queen Mary subscribes to JISC Online Surveys via an account administered by the e-Learning Unit. Data that you submit via the Module Preferences Form is stored in secure facilities within the UK. There is more information on the JISC Online Surveys website.