SED Academic Staff Drop-In Hours

A list of the rooms and drop-in hours of staff in the School of English and Drama.

Updated September 2019 for Semester 1.

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Surname First Name Room Drop-in Hours Research Day Email Tel.
Adebayo Mojisola 3.08A Tuesday 1.30-2.30pm; Wednesday 5-6pm Friday 020-7882-3068.00
Ahmed Rehana 3.03A On leave until April 2020 020-7882-8539.00
Ahnert Ruth 3.30B On leave all year 020-7882-5836.00
Atia Nadia 3.33 On leave all year 020-7882-8909.00
Atkin Tamara 3.31 Tuesday 3-4pm; Wednesday 9-10am Thursday 020-7882-2865.00
Bardsley Julia 1.16A On leave Semester 1 020-7882-8530.00
Barrett Michele 3.15 On leave semester 1 020-7882-8523.00
Boffey Julia 3.06 On leave Semester 1 020-7882-8531.00
Boutcher Warren 3.38A email for appointment Thursday or Friday 020-7882-8540.00
Bowers Will 3.03 Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm; Tuesday 2-3pm Friday 020-7882-