SED Academic Staff Drop-In Hours

A list of drop-in hours of staff in the School of English and Drama. If a member of staff is not listed, it is likely that they are not holding drop-in hours during the current semester: please check the People pages on the SED website for their contact details (go to Drama staff | go to English staff).

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Updated September 2022 for Semester 1.

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Surname First Name Drop-in Hours Research Day Office Email Teams
Ahmed Rehana Mon 2-3pm (campus); Tue 3.30-4.30pm (MS Teams) Thursday ArtsOne 3.03a Send Chat
Allen Rachael Fri 2-3pm (campus) Thursday ArtsOne 3.02a Send Chat
Aparicio Valentina Wed 3-4pm (campus); Tue 2-3pm (MS Teams) Friday ArtsOne 3.26 Send Chat
Arora Swati Mon 11am-12pm (campus); Tue 1.30-2.30pm (MS Teams) Thursday ArtsOne G.33a Send Chat
Atia Nadia Mon 1-2pm (campus); Thu 10-11am (MS Teams) Tuesday ArtsOne 3.33 Send Chat
Biswas Ansuman Wed 10-11am (campus); Thu 2-3pm (MS Teams) Friday ArtsOne 3.08a Send Chat
Blackwell-Par Jaswinder Tue 1.30-2.30pm (campus); Fri 10.30-11.30am (MS Teams) Thursday ArtsOne G.33b Send Chat
Bowers Will Wed 1-2pm (campus); Thu 12-1pm (MS Teams) Friday ArtsOne 3.03 Send Chat
Boyle Shane Thu 1-2pm (campus); Fri 2-3pm (MS Teams) Monday ArtsOne G.24 Send Chat
Brotton Jerry Fri 1-2pm (campus); Mon 10-11am (MS Teams) Tuesday ArtsOne 3.25 Send Chat