Information about Choosing Your Modules in the School of English and Drama


In the School of English and Drama we want to make the process of choosing what you study next year as straightforward and clear as possible. There are three main parts to the process:

1. you spend time reading the Module Directory;

2. you discuss the modules you’d like to take next year with your Advisor, and visit the student-led Module Fairs on 19 February;

3. you complete the online English and Drama Module Preferences Form (MPF) and submit it by the deadline on 8 March 2020.


The School of English and Drama does not open the MySIS module registration task for students on its programmes (once we have allocated you to your modules, we will register you on them directly in MySIS). Students taking joint programmes with other Schools must follow the joint School's instructions for selecting those modules run by History/SLLF.


While we work hard to allocate you to the modules you most want to take, it is not always possible for us to do this for all students. In particular, the most popular modules become oversubscribed, meaning that not all students are able to take them. The English and Drama Module Preferences Form (MPF) allows you to identify a range of modules you’d like to take, distinguishing between your "ideal" and "reserve" preferences. Wherever possible, we will then assign you to modules that you have listed as your "ideal" preferences. Nonetheless, in some instances you should expect to be allocated to one or more reserve preference modules.


Queen Mary centrally timetables all taught modules across the University. The timetable will only be generated after students' module registrations have been confirmed in MySIS by academic Schools. In cases of timetable clashes, we may need to revise your module registrations at that stage (the School of English and Drama will contact you by email if that is the case).


Use these web-pages to find out how to:


If you need additional help at any stage during the process of choosing your modules for 2020/21 get in touch with any one of the following:

  • your Advisor(s)
  • the Administrative Team at the School of English and Drama reception (ArtsOne 3.40) (email:
  • administrative or academic staff members in your other School (if you’re a joint honours student)