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    • Social Circle

      Welcome to Social Circle, a resource for Queen Mary students with autism, and those who identify as such but perhaps do not have a diagnosis.  We will usually refer to the terms autism and autistic, though we recognise that some people prefer other terms to describe themselves and their condition, such as Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, on the spectrum, Aspie, ASD, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, and so on.

      Here you can find some useful information about university life, get updates on important messages from the Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS) and talk to other students in this group.  

      • Who is the Autism and Mental Health Adviser?

      • Where do I go for...

        • Problems with my accommodation: Contact Residential Services. Click here for contact details.

        • Problems with my physical health: See your GP. If you live on campus or in post codes beginning with E1, E2, E3 or E14 during term time, you should register with the Student Health Service. If you have not yet registered, click here, for our Student Health information pages.

        • Problems with my mental health: Visit the Advice and Counselling Service page here.  The page also explains how to make an appointment.

        • Problems relating my autism, including applying for special examination arrangements e.g. extra time: See the Autism Advisor

        • Problems relating to a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia: Contact the Disability and Dyslexia Service on

        • Problems with my course such as missed lectures, coursework deadlines and/or exams, or on-going personal or health problems that will affect my study: See your Student Support Officer. You can find out who that is here.

        • Advice on module options, programme changes or my academic progress: See your Academic Advisor (also called a Personal Tutor in some schools). You can find out who your Academic Advisor is on your MySIS page.

        • Funding questions, budgeting, financial problems, debt and government benefits (including Disability Benefit): See a Welfare Advisor. Click here for information on making an appointment.

        • Advice on my legal rights, including international problems, housing rights and council tax: See a Welfare Advisor. Click here for information on making an appointment.

        • Advice on retakes, interrupting my studies, or withdrawing from QMUL: See a Welfare Advisor. Click here for information on making an appointment.

        • Questions about your enrolment, your MySIS record, exam regulations, getting a replacement Student ID Card, and other questions you can't find here: Go to the Student Enquiry Centre (West Corridor, Ground Floor, Queens' Building) or email

        • Complaints and appeals: Email Annie is the Advocacy and Representation Manager, a QMSU staff member who is there to advise and help you if you should ever need to appeal a decision or make a complaint.

        • Social Opportunities: Visit the QMSU website, where you can find a calendar of events (including specific non-alcoholic events), find the list of societies which you can join, and also find volunteering opportunities. Many students with autism feels socially isolated, but remember that in order to meet people and develop friends, you must make the effort to go to suitable events. Societies are an excellent way of doing this, as is volunteering. When you volunteer you will tend to meet friendly and tolerant people, you will get to help other people, which builds confidence, and you will have work experience to put on your CV. 

        • Advice and workshops on finding a job or gaining work experience: Visit the QMUL Careers Service website to find advice or book an appointment.




        • Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

        • Getting Academic Help


        • Extenuating Circumstances and 'Fit to Sit'

          • Coping With Groupwork

          • Coping with Public Speaking

          • I'm finding my first year really hard

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