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    Welcome to the QMPlus Home Page for the

    School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

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    If you are enrolled for SEFP or the Joint Programme , please
    follow the tutorial in the Help area to reset your default landing page.

    Dear EECS Students

    We hope you are staying safe and well.

    Documents and information and current information will be added below.

    How to Book a Study Space Guide on campus -

    The EECS QMplus Module pages for SEMESTER B  January 2022 will be available from 24th January 2022.

    To access any EECS QMplus module material pages you must be formally enrolled via MySIS module enrolments. During the first 2 weeks of term, you will be able to temporarily login to an EECS module material page via a taster option whilst elective module selection is taking place. This will ensure you have access to your intended module until the module enrolment is complete.

    Please also note that individual timetables are also driven by MySIS module enrolments. If you are not enrolled on the module check the module material page (via taster option) or see the timetable page for the modules scheduled activities.

    After the 2 week taster period it is very important you check your MySIS module enrolments are correct. If not correct contact the relevant administrators.

    If you have not selected any electives you will automatically be enrolled on a module available. There is no option to change elective modules after the end of week 2 deadline.

    • EECS General FAQs Glossary

    EECS UG and PG student online handbook.

    EECS 2021/22 Handbook is available, we are still updating in a few places, please do check the handbook regularly.

    We hope you have had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to returning to campus for the start of teaching on 27th September.

    What will Hybrid Learning look like for you?

    This year, your modules will be delivered via different combinations of lectures, labs, seminars, tutorials and workshops which depend on the nature of the content.

    From September 2021: 

    ·       Labs will be delivered face-to-face and recorded or live streamed for students who are unable to attend.

    ·       Lectures of small classes will be face-to-face whenever possible and recorded or live streamed for students who are not on campus.

    ·       Lectures of large classes will be online.

    ·       On-campus tutorials will be added to any module which does not have face to face in the above, so there is one face-to-face activity per module. 

     All labs are designed to allow you to complete them online, and home kits can be supplied where necessary. Specialised on-campus laboratories are also open for those who can attend in person. Some modules run tutorials, and some organise seminars or workshops to allow you to interact with academic staff and your peers to discuss module-related topics, outside lectures and labs. 
    If being in contact with academics isn't physically possible, you will have the choice to meet with them virtually – one-to-one, or in small groups. Our academics and professional services team are with you every step of the way.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your academic tutor or the Teaching Services Team.

    Best wishes,

    Professor Steve Uhlig

    Head of School