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On this page you will find links to resources to help you with using QMplus in your teaching. These links will take you to QMplus user guides, screencasts and external links to help you with using QMplus. We are adding new resources all the time so do check regularly and let us know if you think there is something missing.

QMplus is based on two different pieces of software: Moodle version 2.6 and Mahara version 1.7. There is a lot of content available on the web for these two software packages and whilst the look and feel of the training materials may differ slightly from that of Queen Mary, the methods for doing things are the same.

Learn more about QMplus

  • The E-learning Unit runs regular workshops for beginners and advanced users of QMplus for details please type in QMplus in the title section of our bookings page.
  • We have an active QMplus users group in the Groups and Portfolios section of QMplus - You can find out how to join by reading this guide
  • Our Student Guide to using the Groups & Portfolios area (Mahara) will be useful for staff and students
  • We run a QMplus community forum which meets at regular intervals to share best practice and talk about developments in the system
  • We post updates and news about the system on the E-Learning Unit website
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