At the beginning of August we added the new QMUL course formats to QMplus. This has enabled us to develop the template elemenst that make up the HSS faculty template. To assist you with developing your module area in line with the HSS faculty requirements the screencast below takes you through the five main parts of the template and shows you how to customise them to your module.


Quick navigation

The screencast lasts 28 minutes so you may wish to navigate to the area you are most interested in. The main content areas and times are shown below

1. Introduction 0:00 - 3:10
2. New Module/Course Formats 3.10 - 4:15
3. Announcements/News and Adding a Module image 4:15 - 8:36
4. Assessment Info & Submit assignments 8:36 - 19:35
5. Menu Block 19:35 - 22:50
6. Module Info Block 22:50

Last modified: Tuesday, 21 August 2012, 8:36 PM