Payment rates are calculated according to the time that you have given up undertaking this activity.  Funding comes from the central NHS levy, GP Tariff, which funds undergraduate medical education.  

Your payment is calculated in terms of the numbers of sessions (3.5 hours, half a day) you undertake.  As you would expect, 24 x 25% sessions is paid at the same rate as 6 x 100% sessions.  A full morning or afternoon of protected teaching time (i.e. when you are teaching and not able to take your surgery) is described as a 100% session and is remunerated at the full sessional rate. If a student sits in on your surgery and you see fewer than your normal number of patients, or if s/he is with another member of the practice team but still under your supervision, this is described as a 25% session, and you are reimbursed at one quarter of the full sessional rate.

We band teaching practices by the amount of teaching they undertake and remunerate them accordingly.  If you are teaching fewer than 20 sessions in a year, the practice is paid on a standard rate.  If you increase your teaching, we can then provide the practice with support for equipment costs related to teaching.  Initially, there are a range of standard items that we supply you with.  Later, we leave the purchasing to you, depending on your needs, and allocate facilities money in relation to your teaching.  

Figure 1 below shows you the teaching and facilities payments for each currently defined band of practice activity. For ease of calculation, we have aggregated the teaching and facilities payments to show the equivalent sessional rate. 

Practice Type

No of (100%) sessions

(@ £165 per session)

(2020/21 rates)


Equivalent Session Rate

Band A

0 to 19

Max £3,135




Band B

20 to 34

Min £3,300



Max £220

Band C

35 to 44

Min £5,775



Max £250

Band D

45 to 54

Min £7,425



Max £268

Band E

55 to 64

Min £9,075



Max £280

Band F

65 to 74

Min £10,725



Max £289

Band G

75 to 84

Min £12,375



Max £296

Band H

85 to 94

Min £14,025



Max £301

Band I

95 to 104

Min £15,675



Max £306

Band J

105 to 114

Min £17,325



Max £309

Band K

115 to 124

Min £18,975



Max £312

Band L

125 to 140

Min £20,625



Max £314

Figure 1: GP Teaching Tariff (2020/21) showing new teaching bands


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