Faculty Liaison Librarians are happy to provide you with ongoing help and support with all the aspects of Information Literacy Skills covered by this module, and can help you to make optimum use of the information resources covering your subject. We offer:

  • Subject-focussed one to one support on an appointment basis

  • Information search and retrieval training

  • Drop-in sessions

  • Subject-focussed group sessions organised by your School and by the Learning Institute.

Below are your Faculty Liaison Librarian contact:

Humanities and Social Sciences 

Faculty Liaison Librarian: Rich Evans 

Information Assistants:  Anthea Chou

E-mail: library-HSS@qmul.ac.uk

Science and Engineering

Faculty Liaison Librarian: James Soderman

Information Assistant: Jacques Rogers

E-mail: library-SandE@qmul.ac.uk

Medicine and Dentistry

Faculty Liaison Librarian: Paula Funnell

Information Assistant: Sharlin Ahmed

E-mail: library-SMD@qmul.ac.uk

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