The process of feedback of placement teaching is extremely important. In the final session, before assessing the students please ask them to complete the online Student Feedback survey. Students will be emailed the details of an electronic link to be used to access the feedback survey tool (JISC Online Surveys  formally known as BOS).  Please allow students access to a web-linked computer to complete the feedback survey.

At the end of each attachment your practice will receive notification from the QA team that feedback is available to view (on JISC), to inform your future teaching. At the end of the academic year you will receive a more general report. At a School level, the feedback results also inform the development of the Units.

The core questions on the evaluation questionnaire relate to:

* Placement organisation

* Learning outcomes

* Teaching

* Student involvement

* Feedback

There also may be questions relating to their specific unit. There is a final question about the students overall satisfaction with the placement.

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