What makes a good Year 5 placement

  • Introduction - need to identify learning needs of student as these are often very specific in the final year, especially towards the end of the year, e.g. logbook requirements, clinical skills practice
  • Clinical skills resources - availability of models, e.g. gynae models, ophthalmology head, PR model and dedicated time to practice skills with at least one opportunity to be observed
  • Student-led clinical - invaluable experience of students and most feel that it is helpful in forming own management plans and thinking about treatment options
  • Tutorials - prescribing, childhood illness and gynaecology were topics specific as students do not have lectures/firms in these subjects in Year 5 but may still be examined on these. General practice provides a good opporunity to revise

How to improve a Year 5 placement

  • More student-led clinics - at least 3 sessions per week
  • Lunch and learn sessions - to fill long lunch breaks
  • Accessibility to internet resources

Taken from presentation by Lisa Elam, MBBS student

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