Some sites to stimulate reflection, thought and discussion with students

By Choice Not By Chance: supporting medical students towards future careers in general practice - a government-comissioned investigation by Professor Val Wass into the factors causing students to choose general practice as a career
Why I walked - an article on choosing to leave medicine
A Better NHS - a blog focusing on the political changes that affect the NHS from a general practice perspective
Out of Our Heads - a range of medical student and clinician artwork
My daft life - a blog by Sara Ryan who is a mother and learning disabilities researcher about many things but including her perspective on her son Connor who died in an NHS care institution from a seizure
Kate Granger - an elderly care registrar who died from sarcoma in July 2016 who started the campaign Hello, my name is
Betabetic - a complex endocrine patient writes a blog on her healthcare experiences
Which Me Am I Today - Wendy Mitchell's experience of living with dementia. She has also written a book called Somebody I Used to Know

Some books to stimulate reflection, thought and discussion with students

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
Also human: the inner lives of doctors by Caroline Elton
The State of Medicine: Keeping the Promise of the NHS by Margaret McCartney
The Digital Doctor: hope, hype and harm at the dawn of medicine's computer age by Robert Wachter
It's all in your head: stories from the frontline of psychosomatic illness by Suzanne O'Sullivan

The human kind  by Peter Dorward

Some blogs to stimulate reflection, thought and discussion with students

A better NHS, by Dr Jonathon Tomlinson 

Creative enquiry and Human Flourishing. -A gathering of resources and ideas in the field of creative enquiry including video, images, key ideas, student creative-reflective texts, student quotes and bibliography. 

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