• …I find the students enjoy being the first person to see the patient about the problem, and it gives them the confidence in seeing a patient with a first presentation of something rather than a patient who has already been clerked and diagnosed - they feel they are contributing to patient care rather than taking up the patient's time. Our reception staff always consent patients first but I also double check this when I call the patient in from the waiting room


  • ‘…Most patients find the interaction with students valuable as they spend more time with the patients’


  • We encourage the students to send a notelet to the patients that have been kind enough to receive the students into their own homes
  • …A thank you card is sent to all patients after the teaching
  • we send thank you letters to patients, these are sometime brought back to us by grieving relatives after the patient has died (reflecting that the patients sometime keep the letters for years as a reminder of the student visits)
  • …We discussed in the patient participation group about the teaching activities and they are fully supportive


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