We are pleased to announce implementation of NEW teaching VIRTUALLY for our Y4 students. As East London GPs and Educators, we have always been passionate about helping our patient population who come with unique issues and concerns. COVID-19 has highlighted more than ever this Health Inequality. 

Future health care professionals need to understand the problems of health equity at an international, national, local and individual level. This teaching will ensure that our students are familiar with these concepts, understand the factors that influence health equity and understand the role that HCPs can take in challenging these inequalities 

Each student will be put into groups of 8-10, they will be given materials such as videos, journals, policies and articles to read in the morning with tasks. In the afternoon, they will meet virtually with their Community GP Tutor to discuss the morning’s information. We will guide you through these discussions with lots of learning materials, PowerPoint’s and training days. Each student will have 3 sessions with a Community GP Tutor throughout his or her year.  Times TBC, likely 1.30-3.30/4pm. This will be the usual sessional rate. 

This will occur at many different points of the year, you can sign up for as much or as little as you like. However, we ask if possible to sign up for a sequence of 3 sessions (so you can be allocated the same group of students) this will help with continuity. If this is impossible for you to do but you are very keen to be involved please email our administrator Mr Jim. Manzano and we can see how we can facilitate your involvement.  

We are also keen to have your involvement in this curriculum design. 

We are holding a workshop on Wednesday 19th May 1.30-3.30PM (virtually)Please email Mr. Jim Manzano ( to express any interest in this or if you have any further queries. Do feel free to invite others along who you think may be keen to be involved as well as any students.  

Please complete the online preference form HERE

Deadline for preferences is the Friday 28th May.  We will also be having training days during the Summer (Dates TBC).  

Last modified: Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 4:25 PM