Case 3: Low Mood

These cases have been designed to meet learning objectives for both Year 4 and Year 5 students. They also serve as a reminder to Year 5 of possible gaps in knowledge from Year 4 curriculum due to COVID -19. 

The questions asked are relevant for both years, however for Year 4 please bare in mind Year 5 specific questions are namely for Year 5 learning objectives but will be of interest and beneficial to know for next year. 

Whilst you work through the cases you may want to think about……

  • What did the clinician document? How? And why? Did they miss out information?
  • What would you do in this circumstance?
  • Have you seen similar patients? Were they managed differently?
  • How do you think this patient feels? Do we really know? Where is the patient voice? 
  • How would you feel is this was you? 

We have not provided answers, as this would partly defeat the purpose of this task, which is to help direct your own learning and highlight any gaps. We have made suggestions of what to cover through the questions asked, and where you can cover these with the useful resources. The useful resources are only a guide on what level of detail is required.