Laser shutter and door release issues - Raman system

Laser shutter and door release issues - Raman system

by Andrei Sapelkin -
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Dear users,

It has come to my attention that our Raman system is experiencing the following laser shutter and door release issues: 

1. Attempting to run an experiment results in a warning message "Warning: interlock test has not passed" although the experimental enclose door is closed. Users can proceed with the data collection by selecting "Ignore warning" button.

2. Intermittently, the experimental enclosure door would not unlock at the end of a data acquisition run.  This may sometimes be remedied by cycling the laser shutter (clicking the laser shutter button on and off repeatedly in the control software (WIRE 5.6)), but sometimes it doesn't work and a full system restart (except for the lasers - those should be left on) may be required. 

I investigated both issues and they turned out to be related, with the laser shutter apparently being a problem. I'm now waiting for Renishaw engineers to give me a date they can come and fix the problem. Meanwhile, you can continue to use the system, but please be aware of these problems. 

Best regards

Dr Andrei Sapelkin