Raman System Relocation and Card Access

Raman System Relocation and Card Access

by Yasir Faheem Joya -
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Dear users, 

You may be aware that the Raman Spectroscopy system has been moved into a separate Lab 309. The system is working and has been re-commissioned and calibrated to optimum performance by the engineer. The machine is operation though the lab needs few bits and pieces in place, such as laser key box, temperature, humidity monitor which have been ordered.   

Meanwhile, I need to allow access/entry of the authorized Raman system users, who received the training of the instrument and also attended the lab induction. If this applies to you, please email me separately with your  University card number (08 digits)  to my email address     y.joya@qmul.ac.uk 

Could you also mention if you were approved for lab access for the normal hours (8 to 6pm),  OR out of hours (8 to 10 pm, weekends etc.) and send me your signed RA form in case you need out of hours access. Once I have received response from you, I will forward your name and card numbers to the admin office for access through the security.  Please be reminded, never send an email directly to security for your card access, as this will not be actioned. Thank you.


Yasir Joya

Lab Manager (301, 304, 309)