New 100X Objective has arrived!

New 100X Objective has arrived!

by Yasir Faheem Joya -
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Dear Users, 

I have received the new 100x objective for the Raman system. However, It has been discussed and agreed by the competent authority to adopt a new SOP for equipment safety and protection against damage of the objectiveA new log book is being introduced to record the usage of the high value optics for the Raman system. The new objective will be issued in limited cases only where its use is inevitable keeping in view the users skill level, CoSHH form with sampling details. This is due to following reasons:

1) very short working distance i.e. 300 micrometer (0.3mm)

2) high risk for damage by inexperienced/new or negligent users

3) High cost of the optics and long lead times


The 100x objective will be kept in the lab manager’s office (305) along with the booking loan register. If someone plan to use the objective he has to inform the manager in advance and sign the booking log with his credentials.

Initially, we will set the following rules for booking.

  1. The objective will be booked for a limited time only such as 2 hr max. in a single day.
  2. The objective will be handled and installed by the level 1 users only. i.e. myself or the competent staff
  3. The lab manager will ensure the condition of the sample before the booking. If the sample surface is not flat or very rough, the booking will not be allowed.
  4. The users sessions will be monitored from time to time to ensure safe use and handling of the objective
  5. Users found misusing the machine or microscope optics, will face strict action leading to suspension from accessing the lab.

I hope we can extend the life of the new objective and the instrument through these control measures. Thank you for compliance. 


Yasir Joya

Lab manager