Raman system access arrangements update

Raman system access arrangements update

by Andrei Sapelkin -
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Dear All,

We are now taking bookings for access to the Raman system located at the School of Physics and Astronomy. The facility is currently only available on Fridays and the system booking scheduler has been adjusted to reflect that. 

The Covid-19 situation means that there are additional restriction in place on access to the building and to the optics lab. Under the new access arrangements, those wishing to book the Raman system must use Optics Lab booking tool AND Raman system booking scheduler.  More details can be found below.

All the best wishes
Dr Andrei Sapelkin

From: Ruth Wilkinson <r.wilkinson@qmul.ac.uk>

Dear All,
Following the re-opening of the research labs to a small number of staff, we are now in a position where certain areas can be opened for wider access.
The Covid-19 situation means that there are still strict restrictions on access to the building, maximum capacity and social distancing. However, I have produced a QMPlus area to allow staff to book slots from next week. 
This system will require staff to read all documentation and confirm that they have done so. No member of staff will be provided with access to the building without having confirmed they have read the risk assessment or completing all steps listed on the page. The QMPlus page can be found under ‘PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY RESEARCH LABS’.
Please note that the Optics Lab (304) is only available on Fridays, and those using the Raman System must book a slot via both the Optics Lab booking tool AND the Raman Booking tool. This is to ensure social distancing is maintained.
I will be exporting lists of new users from the site at 4pm on Fridays, and will double check the documentation has been read and confirmed before sending details to security.
Staff will not have access to the building unless I have confirmed that their details have been sent to security.
As you’re aware, this is not an ideal situation, and I am sure there will be some teething problems initially so I thank you for your understanding.
Kind Regards
Ruth Wilkinson
School Manager
School of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty of Science and Engineering
GO Jones Building
327 Mile End Road
London E1 4NS
Tel: +44(0)20 7882 6954