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CodeModule NameLevelCreditsSemesterContact
ESH101 Shakespeare 4 30 1 Warren Boutcher
ESH102 Reading, Theory and Interpretation 4 30 2 Molly Macdonald
ESH124 Poetry 4 15 1 Andrea Brady
ESH126 (with ESH127 and ESH128) London Global 4 30 1 and 2 Nadia Valman
ESH129 Literatures in Time: Epic and Romance in the Middle Ages 4 15 2 Tamara Atkin
ESH4100 Creative Writing I 4 30 1 and 2

Convenor TBC

-- Contact Rachael Gilmour for further information about this module
ESH213 Modernism 5 30 1 and 2 Suzanne Hobson
ESH223 Satire, Scandal and Society 5 15 2 Markman Ellis
ESH255 American Romanticism 5 15 1 Sam Halliday
ESH264 Terror, Transgression and Astonishment 5 15 1 or 2 Sam Halliday