1. Introduction to Keeping up to Date With the Latest Research

This section covers  methods of keeping up to date with the latest research in your subject area. The method of delivery is a mixture of text and web links.

Q for uestionSo, you've done a literature search, but this shows you only what has been researched so far. 

How will you keep up to date with new literature in the field over the course of your career as a researcher? 

Do you have any methods for finding out about new research? 

Perhaps you hear from your advisor, or a fellow researcher? 

Or you see an item in the news?

A for answerThese are perfectly valid methods for finding out about new research, but did you know that you can set up alerts to have details of new research sent to you via e-mail or RSS? 

With very little effort, you can set up alerts to the latest literature on a research topic, the latest issues of key journals in your field as well as research funding alerts.