Evaluating and using Information

This section explains how to use the information you find within your academic work.

4. Plagiarism introduction

Once you have gathered together a sufficient amount of information from sources that you judge to be reliable you then have to actually write your essay. 

Producing good quality academic writing is something that most people have to learn: critiquing the work of others, constructing a coherent and plausible argument and writing well are specific skills that are supported by our colleagues in the Academic Skills Team.

It is important that the coursework you produce reflects Queen Mary's core values: the scholarship of our staff and students is fundamentally underpinned by integrity and honesty. Plagiarism is a word that you may have heard of and feel scared by: understanding plagiarism will help you overcome these fears. 

Fully understanding what is - and what is not - plagiarism takes time. So let's get going...

Try this quiz to find out how much you already know about this important matter.

How did you do? Move on to the next page to learn much more about plagiarism and how to avoid it.