1. Introduction

Oscar Wilde quote

Effectively evaluating information is one of the key skills that we are encouraging you to develop in this module.

Let's start in a very general way by thinking about how different academic disciplines approach and use information.

  • Is there a single approach which can be used to evaluate information in all subjects?
  • Can certain information always be regarded as inherently unsuitable for academic study?
  • And can complex theories and ideas ever be simply expressed, or simple ideas ever become over-complicated because of poor writing?


Test your ability to evaluate information in this quiz. The first question is intended for all QMUL students; the other questions relate to specific subjects, but even if, for example, you're not a Chemistry student, have a go at answering Question 2 - we hope that the feedback we give will help you think more widely about the complex nature of information and its uses.

Why not discuss the matter with friends; you may find that people studying other subjects have a rather different take on the matter!

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