Finding Information

2. - So if I can't just use Google and Wikipedia, where can I find the right sort of information?

2.4. Databases

The term database is used to describe a searchable online resource; using a database will help you find reliable information from a trusted source. A database is really useful when you want to do a subject or keyword search relating to your subject.

This short tutorial will introduce you to the database SCOPUS, but the search techniques we demonstrate here can also be used with many of the other databases which are available through the Library.

Our search example will seek to identify a range of articles that will enable us to answer the following question (which is actually taken from a past exam paper set by the School of Geography):

You'll see that this student correctly identified the three key elements to this question: "migration", "gender" and "ideologies" - this is important because using these key terms we can begin to construct our search. This screencast takes you though the process.

Below is a list of some important databases that are used across disciplines; click on the icon to access the database you would like to use, carry out some trial searches and assess the results.

If you are unsure which database(s) will be of most relevance to you take a look at your
Subject Guide on the Library website.

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