Finding Information

2. - So if I can't just use Google and Wikipedia, where can I find the right sort of information?

2.2. Articles

Academic journals provide detailed coverage of specific subjects in the form of articles; articles are excellent sources for the most up-to-date research results and data. Articles are peer reviewed, a rigorous checking process that acts as a guarantee of academic integrity and quality; when reading an article in an academic journal you know that it will be a reliable and trustworthy source.

You can use Library Discovery to find the full text of journal articles relating to your subject; watch the following short tutorial for an introduction to the most basic search technique - finding and retrieving the full text by using the title of an article. The example we'll use is a multi-author paper entitled:

  • 'High Throughput Parallel Fano Decoding', from the IEEE Transactions on Communications

You can carry out your own searches for articles on Library Discovery from here:

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