Finding Information

2. - So if I can't just use Google and Wikipedia, where can I find the right sort of information?

2.1. Books

We have many 1000s of print books in the Library - how can you identify and then locate the specific book you want from among so many? Suppose that you want to locate a particular book that has been recommended on a module Reading List; this short tutorial takes you through a simple book search using the following example of a specific book:

  • Colin Hay, David Marsh and Michael Lister, The State: Theories and Issues

The tutorial also shows you how easy it is to access an e-book; mastering a basic search and retrieval like the example shown here will set you on the road to becoming an expert Library user!

You can carry out your own book searches on Library Discovery from here:

Don't forget to get into the habit of noting down the shelfmarks of books that you would like to consult (JC131 STA is the shelfmark in the example used in the tutorial). Getting to know the layout of the Library - and the system of shelfmarks for your subject - may take a little while, but it really is worth it: don't hesitate to ask a member of staff if you need more help locating a book, or any other item in the Library for that matter.

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