3. Queen Mary Research Online - QMRO

QMRO (https://qmro.qmul.ac.uk/) is an open access institutional repository of research output, containing full content text, images, and audio files pertaining to research undertaken at Queen Mary, University of London.  QMRO also holds the eThesis collection, in particular the electronic copies of theses awarded from 2009-, and also digitised theses provided to the College as part of the British Library ETHoS (Electronic Theses Online Service) programme.

QMRO does not require any login; it is an Open Access repository.  Research staff can upload their published papers to QMRO via PubLists and can set licences and embargo periods in PubLists before uploading their work to QMRO.  Research students' theses get uploaded automatically to QMRO, but there is an option to embargo a thesis for a certain period.

Use the search box below or browse communities, collections, authors, or subjects to check theses by student researchers and publications by staff researchers in QMRO.