Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the deadline for submitting my Module Preferences Form (MPF)?

  • A: The deadline for submission is 11.59pm on Thursday 11 April.


Q: Do I need to speak with my Advisor in advance of submitting my MPF?

  • A: You are strongly encouraged to discuss your module preferences with your Advisor in advance of submitting your MPF. They are best placed to advise you about the modules that will enable your learning and development.


Q: When will I hear back about my module choices?

  • A: The School of English and Drama aims to communicate provisionally with students about their module allocations in early May. You will be able to check MySIS later in the summer for your confirmed module choices.


Q: What if I am unhappy with the modules I have been allocated? What if one of the modules I want to study is full?

  • A: We hope that you’re happy with your module allocation and that you have an exciting and enjoyable year ahead of you. A process will be made available to allow you to request to change modules during the first two weeks of each teaching semester in the new academic year. Please note that a number of modules will inevitably be oversubscribed meaning that a place is not available for you. In these instances you will be able to check with us after semester starts to see whether or not a space has opened up for you.


Q: How will you decide which modules I'm allocated?

  • A: The School of English and Drama will look at the modules you've listed as your "ideal" and "reserve" preferences, in the contexts of your specific programme requirements and all the other requests that students have made to take modules in SED. We will assign you where possible to the modules you have listed as your ideal preferences, ensuring an even balance of credits across both semesters. Where a module is oversubscribed in terms of the number of individual students who have listed it as a preference, we will use a random allocation process to decide which students can take it and who will instead be allocated to a reserve preference module.


Q: Can I rank my module preferences from highest to lowest?

  • A: No. We ask you to list two groups of modules that you would like to take next year, your "ideal" and "reserve" preferences. The two lists must be completely different from one another. All of your ideal module preferences will be considered equally and we will allocate you to them if possible.


Q: What if I can’t submit my MPF by the deadline?

  • A: An online form for the submission of late module preferences will open shortly after the main MPF deadline. It is important to note that priority will be given to students who complete their MPF on time (in other words, if you submit late module preferences you may not be allocated to your ideal preferences, and you may even be allocated to modules that you didn't list). If you submit a late MPF due to a pressing personal or medical reason, please alert us to that fact by emailing (noting that you may be asked to supply reasonable documentary evidence).


Q: What happens if I make a mistake or change my mind once I have submitted my MPF?

  • A: It's really important that you think carefully about your module preferences and complete your MPF accordingly. Once you have submitted your MPF it is not always possible to accommodate any later changes you wish to make. However, if you feel that you've made a genuine error in the completion of the form, you should seek assistance from the School of English and Drama Administrative Team by emailing at your first opportunity. 


Q: Joint Honours students: do I have to take a 50-50 split of modules between my subjects?

  • A: Students may usually, with the agreement of their Advisor for each subject, choose a credit balance of 45 credits in one discipline and 75 credits in the other.


Q: Must I take an even balance of 60 credits in each semester (120 for the year)?

  • A: Yes, as a general rule. However, if your particular module choice combination is only available by taking 75 credits in one semester, and 45 credits in the other, it is sometimes possible to agree this, although such requests cannot be prioritised in the module allocation process. You will need to secure the agreement of your Advisor and then email us at in order to propose such an arrangement.


Q: Can I take modules for a Level of Study different from that which I am about to enter?

  • A: Students are encouraged to take modules designed for their Level of Study (Level 5 for Year 2 students, Level 6 for Year F students). However, with the approval of your Advisor, you may select up to 30 credits from a different Level. Year 2 students can take up to 30 credits in total from Level 6 and/or Level 4, although at Level 4 you may only take languages (up to 30 credits). Year F students can take 30 credits at Level 5. Note that priority will be given to students applying for modules designed for their year of study.


Q: Can I take modules from a different School?

  • A: Yes, with the approval of your Advisor you may select modules up to the value of 30 credits from a programme offered by another School. You will need to contact the School offering the module you wish to select in order to find out how to apply for a place (the other School is likely to give priority for places on their modules to students within their School, and your Advisor’s approval is not a guarantee that you will be allocated a place on the module).


Q: Can I take modules from another Institution at the University of London?

  • A: Yes, with the approval of your Head of Department you may select modules up to the value of 30 credits from another institution of the University of London. You will need to explain why this module provides a learning opportunity which is not available through an existing module offered within the School of English and Drama. You will also be responsible for making all relevant arrangements with the institution in question.


Q: Can I request to be taught by a certain member of academic staff? Can I request to be put in a particular seminar group on a certain day/time?

  • A: As a guideline, requests due to preference for a particular staff member are not accommodated. The teaching timetable at Queen Mary is generated only once module registrations have been confirmed for students by academic Schools. Once the QMUL timetable has been generated, please contact the School by emailing if you have any genuinely urgent requests for changes (e.g. relating to caring responsibilities). In some cases, you may need to request to change your module selection. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Can I take more (or fewer) than 120 credits per year?

  • A: No, Queen Mary’s academic guidelines stipulate that all students must take 120 credits per year.


Q: Can I drop a compulsory module to accommodate an optional module?

  • A: No, you must take all compulsory modules.


Q: I am a student from another School in Queen Mary: can I request to take one of your modules?

  • A: Yes. Follow your own School's module selection process, ensuring that you enter the SED module(s) you wish to take as part of completing the MySIS Module Selection task. The School of English and Drama will Approve or Reject your module request via MySIS in time for your Home School to confirm your overall module allocation.


Q: I am a student who is returning from interruption in January 2025 and I cannot submit my MPF as it asks me for a full year’s choices. What should I do?

  • A: If you are returning from a period of interruption next January you do not need to complete the Module Preferences Form. The School will re-register you on the modules you had selected during the academic year when your period of interruption commenced, and will contact you directly about this process if necessary (e.g. if the modules you originally selected are not running next year).


Q: I am a student who will be studying abroad during Semester 1 of my second year (this coming September-December). What should I do?

  • A: If you are applying to study abroad in Semester 1 of your second year, you must still complete the relevant online Module Preferences Form as if you will be studying at QMUL for the entire year. This is because places to study abroad are not formally confirmed until after the module selection process closes. However, please also use the 'Additional Information' box on the Module Preferences Form to indicate which 60 credits you wish to study in Semester 2 next year should your application to study abroad be successful.



Q: I am a second-year student who is planning to switch onto a 4 year programme with a Year Abroad during 2024/25. What should I do?

  • A: If you are applying to change programmes and study abroad during your third year you are still strongly advised to complete the relevant online Module Preferences Form as if you will be remaining at QMUL. This is because your application to change programmes will not be formally confirmed until after the module selection process closes. When completing the Module Preferences Form, please use the 'Additional Information' box to indicate your application to change programmes and to take your Year Abroad in 2024/25 should this be successful.