1. Module Outline

Introduction to Medicine in Society Year 2


The Year 2 Medicine in Society module begins in October and will run for 12 days (Tuesdays) through the academic year.  It consists of two 6 day placements, one of which will be in a mental health setting, the other in another clinical speciality.  Students who start in mental health will spend their first 6 placement days in this setting and then swap to another placemen for a further 6 days.  Students who start in another speciality e.g. palliative care, care of the elderly medicine, diabetes will spend their first 6 days in this setting and then swap to a mental health setting. 

Students are assessed  by the placement tutor.  There are two elements in the summative assessment of the unit assessment –  a case presentation, and project report. In the first setting students will present their case presentation; in the second a project report

There is a prize for the best project report; any report getting a mark of 15 or 16/16 is automatically entered.  If a report gets a mark of less than 15 a student can self nominate or be nominated by their tutor. 



Academic and Administrative Contacts

Unit Convenor
Mrs Maria Hayfron-Benjamin        

Tel: +44(0)20 7882 2505

Dr Meera Sood


Unit Administrator

Ms Lorane Smith
Tel: +44(0)20 7882 2522

For any general queries or concerns before and during your Placement please contact Ms Lorane Smith