2. Finance

How much will I be paid for teaching?

This depends on the unit that you teach and the number of students. Please refer to the Current Payment Rates


What is GP Tariff?

GP Tariff is the NHS levy, which funds undergraduate teaching


Why does the number of sessions credited for the unit I am teaching not seem to correspond with the length of time the student(s) were in the practice?

A session is half a day (three-and-a-half hours). The number of sessions credited for each unit depends on the amount your clinical service is reduced by the teaching. A full morning or afternoon tutorial with a group of students is a 100% session. This is because you are unable to do your surgery (a100% reduction in clinical service). If a student sits in on your surgery, and you are consequently unable to see the normal number of patients, or if s/he is with another member of the practice team, under your supervision, your clinical service is reduced by one quarter, and you are credited 25% of a session.


At the end of the teaching, what do I need to do to get paid?

The completion of the online student assessment will prompt payment. That's all. The GP Tutor should award each student an overall assessment after consultation with the appropriate teachers, including members of practice staff who have been in close contact with a student.  The completion of the assessment should be done with the student present.


Why can't the money be paid directly to me instead of into my practice's account?

Because the money you receive is intended for the loss of service time to your practice due to teaching.


How quickly will I receive payment?

Within 4-6 weeks of completing the online student assessment form


Who should I contact if I have any queries regarding payments?

Mohammed Miah on 0207 882 8980 or m.f.miah@qmul.ac.uk


Our practice does a lot of teaching, which means that our teaching-related costs are significant; can we receive additional money for this?

Yes, the practice facilities payments increases in accordance with the number of session you teach. Please refer Current Payment Rates.  The facilities money is to cover such things as practice infrastructure costs (heating, lighting, cleaning, equipment insurance, TV licence), the costs of maintaining and replacing the ULP equipment, staff administration time, consumables and GP protected time for training and preparation.


How often will we be paid our practice facilities money?

At the end of every quarter, although we pay quarters 1 and 2 together in September.  Quarter 3 in December and the final payment in March.  Please note these payments can only be authorised once you return your signed Service Level Agreement (SLA).


How will we know if a payment has been made?

The practice will receive a remittance advice following each payment.