8. Appendices

8.2. Student Safety Policy


Please refer to the CBME virtual teaching website, which includes information about confidentiality and consent relating to virtual teaching involving patients; there are links to both GMC and BMA guidance as well. 


These refer to visits to patients in their own homes by members of the primary care team accompanied by the medical student. The patient's permission for the medical student to be present during the home visit should be obtained.


Where students are expected to visit patients in their own homes without an accompanying healthcare worker the supervising clinician will have previously selected and consented an appropriate patient for such an activity. Patients will have been given details about the purpose of the visit, the timing and the names of the students.

Students in Year 1 and 2 should always visit in pairs or as a group of 3.

If the following are adhered to all should be well:

  1. Know where you are going and plan your journey
  2. Ask for help and instructions from your tutor if unsure 
  3. Ensure your practice knows where you are going and when you are expected back
  4. Be clear about the purpose of your visit and how to conduct yourself
  5. Always carry your identification card, adequate finances to get you home, your mobile phone and have access to a map
  6. Terminate and excuse yourself from the visit if for any reason you feel unsafe 

Students are asked to discuss with their tutors any planned visits they feel uncomfortable with, in which case the tutor will accompany you. You can access details of your practice if you have lost the information, provided you know the rough location and name from:


In London you can plan a route using the Transport for London or Citymapper websites or apps.