1. GEP Medicine in Society 2021/22

Medicine in Society is a community-based course for students in years 1 of the GEP MBBS curriculum. The global aims of the course are to introduce students to patients and their experience of health and ill-health over the course of their lives and for students to start to develop and explore their professional identity. 

Students, in groups of 8, will spend 14 days in primary care during the year. Each day is themed and has clear learning objectives. The themes relate to systems that the students have studied recently, e.g. day 13 focusing on pregnancy and childbirth is during, or after, the human development system teaching. The students will also spend time in secondary care. These days are also themed and have a focus on clinical examination skills. 

For the 2021/22 academic year, due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the primary care aspect of the course will initially be delivered virtually, with a view to students attending the practice in person in small groups from 2022 depending on the progress of the pandemic. 

Students will be engaged in many different activities over the course of the module, including small group tutorials, shadowing and interviewing clinicians and other healthcare professionals, having contact with patients (including home visits), self-directed learning, etc. 


Unit Convenor

Primary care


Unit Convenors 

Mrs Maria Hayfron-Benjamin 


Dr Lucy Langford 


Unit Administrator 

Miss Francesca Langridge  


Secondary Care

Dr Charlotte Hubbett