7. Assessment

7.2. The Case Presentation - Assessed in Secondary Care (30%)

The case presentation is usually made and assessed at Newham University Hospital.  Students may present a patient they met in primary or secondary care.  The presentations will take place on Wed 27/4/2022 - most likely on Microsoft Teams.

A 10 - 15 minute case presentation (students in pairs/threes) describing a clinical condition, the effect of the condition on a patient’s life, and the social factors affecting the patient’s ability to respond to their condition i.e. personal relationships, family support, employment history, educational history etc.  Students should also consider the health promotion interventions both at an individual and societal level for that condition and the role of the multi-disciplinary team in caring for the patient. 


The presentation should include:

  • A comprehensive account of the clinical aspects of the case, demonstrating understanding rather than regurgitation of clinical and pathological details
  • Discussion of the patient’s and carer’s perspectives
  • Evidence of understanding of the health promotion and public health aspects of the case
  • An explanation of the role of the multidisciplinary team in the case
  • Appropriate use of information technology and presentation skills


The presentations will:

  • Be on a pre-agreed topic from any area covered in the Medicine in Society course.
  • Performed in pairs.
  • Last 12 minutes in total, 10 minutes for the actual presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A.
  • Be performed on PowerPoint.
  • Be assessed by tutors.