5. What content needs to be updated?

5.4. QMplus Courses

In QMplus

  • Use Collapsed topic format or Grid format. Courses that require scrolling are not easy to navigate when using assistive technologies. Collapsed topic format reduces vertical scrolling and allows you to highlight a particular section or current section. The grid format in QMplus also reduces the vertical scrolling by allowing content to be organised into sections which are accessed by clicking on large icon.
  • Provide structure, headings and sign-posting by adding informative description for topics. These will inform students what they are going to learn in a particular section. Ensure that you use labels that contain QMplus headings as this enables visually impaired students to navigate through your course using screen reading software.
  • Make sure your resources and activities have meaningful names and description. Adding no description provides no context to students and adding a long description risks excluding text-impaired (e.g. dyslexic) students and increase the vertical scrolling within your QMplus course.
  • Enable completion tracking feature, this allows students to see what they have previously viewed/completed which enables them to define their own pace of learning.