This course is for members of staff who will be taking on the administrative tasks in QMplus and will gain super admin access. 

This self-directed course aims to get you started with QMUL's online learning environment, QMplus.

It covers getting around the system, finding what you want, the basics of editing an area and gives you a chance to try out some of the activities you can use yourself. 

The course is aimed at staff, both those who teach and those who are involved in supporting teaching.

It should take around 2 hours to go through the whole course but the topics are intended to be done in short bursts.  You can do them in any order...and skip the ones you don't need.

Enrol yourself on to the course and off you go!

If you are having problems enrolling yourself...please see this short video showing what to do.

This course is an online version of Designing Quizzes in QMplus course for members of staff who are teaching and have a module or course on QMplus. There is no specific knowledge requirement for participating in this course but if you have no prior experience of using QMplus, you may prefer to go thorough our Getting Started in QMplus course before attempting this course. After completing this area you -

  • will be able to build quizzes in your QMplus areas
  • can create new quiz questions
  • will understand various questions types available in QMplus Quizzes
  • can review & grade quizzes your students have completed
  • will have access to support and guides to carry out other functions such as creating mathematical/advanced questions, developing question banks and exporting/importing.

SensusAccess is an automated document conversion facility.  It is available to staff and students who have a QMUL email address.  It can be used to convert documents from one format to another.

This course provides training on SensusAccess, and in issues around document accessibility more broadly.

The materials here were developed by the makers of SensusAccess.

Please enrol yourself for access.  If you have issues in enrolling yourself, please see this short video to show you what to do.