Enrolment Keys

This course is open to staff and students who handle, create or manage laboratory hazardous waste. The laboratories will need to be located within the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry and Science and Engineering or the School of Geography.

Listed below are enrolment keys for your Schools, Institutes, Directorates that you will need to use to enrol onto the course.

Please note they are case sensitive but you can copy and paste them.  

Humanities and Social Science




Medicine and Dentistry

Barts Cancer Institute


Biological Services Unit


Blizard Institute


Institute of Health Sciences Education


Institute of Dentistry


William Harvey Research Institute


Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine



Science and Engineering

Biological and Chemical Sciences


Electronic Engineering and Computing Sciences


Engineering & Materials Sciences


Physics & Astronomy


To enrol on this course you will require to input an enrolment code which can be found below. You will only need to input this code once. Choose the code for the School, Directorate or Institute that you work for. If you are a student or work for the Students Union then there is a separate code for these under 'Other'. Students should not use any of the Faculty Codes.

Step 1. Click Fire Safety.  

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and insert appropriate enrolment code.

Step. Begin module. 

Enginering and Material Science S&E100
Biological and Chemical Sciences S&E101
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science S&E102
Mathematical Science S&E103
Physics and Astronomy S&E104
School of Business and Management HSS200
School of English and Drama HSS201
School of Economics and Finance HSS202
School  of Geography HSS203
School of Language Linguistis and Film HSS204
School of Law HSS205
School of Politics and International Relations HSS206
School of History HSS207
Biological Services Unit  SMD300
BCI-Cancer and Inflammation  SMD301
BCI-Stem Cells and Ageing SMD302
BCI-Experimental Cancer Medicine  SMD303
BCI-Haemato-oncology  SMD304
BCI-Molecular Oncology  SMD305
BCI-Tumour Biology  SMD306
 Blizard-Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research SMD307
 Blizard-Centre for Genomics and Child Health SMD308
 Blizard-Centre for Immunology SMD309
  Blizard-Centre for Neuroscience and Trauma SMD310
 Blizard-Centre for Primary Care and Public Health SMD311
Dentistry-Adult Oral Health  SMD312
Dentistry-Clinical & Diagnostic Oral Sciences  SMD313
Dentistry-Oral Growth & Development  SMD314
Dentistry-Dental Care Professionals  SMD315
IHSE Directors Office SMD443
IHSE-Medical Education  SMD316
IHSE-Community-based Medical Education  SMD317
IHSE- Student Office  SMD318
IHSE- Malta SMD444
WHRI-Advanced Imaging  SMD319
WHRI-Biochemical Pharmacology  SMD320
WHRI-Bone & Joint Research Unit  SMD321
WHRI-Clinical Pharmacology  SMD322
WHRI-Endocrinology SMD323
WHRI-Experimental Medicine & Rheumatology   SMD324
WHRI-Heart Centre  SMD325
WHRI-Microvascular Research  SMD326
WHRI-Translational Medicine & Therapeutics  SMD327
WHRI-Sports and Exercise Medicine  SMD328
WHRI-Genome Centre  SMD329
WHRI-Protein Analysis  SMD330
WHRI-William Harvey Imaging  SMD331
WHRI-Flow Cytometry ~  SMD332
Wolfson-Environmental & Preventive Medicine  SMD333
Wolfson-Cancer Prevention  SMD334
Wolfson-Psychiatry SMD335
Dentistry-Clinical Oral Research Centre Staff SMD336
Dentistry-Central Dental Institute Staff SMD337
VP Health Office SMD338
BCI-Core Facilities SMD440
BCI-Directors Office SMD339
Blizard-Centre of the Cell SMD441
Blizard - Directors and Laboratory Management SMD442
Academic Registry and Council Secretariat PS400
Academic Development PS401
Development and Alumni PS402
Doctoral College  PS403
Catering and Hospitality Service PS404
Cleaning Services PS405
Events PS406
Infrastructure and Maintenance PS407
Nursery PS408
Projects PS409
Property PS410
Porterage Service PS411
Postal Services PS412
Residential Services and Support PS413
Sales team (Events and Hospitality QM) PS414
Security Service PS415
Sustainability PS416
Finance PS417
Health and Safety Directorate PS418
Human Resources PS419
IT Services PS420
Joint Research Management Office PS421
Marketing and Communications PS422
Queen Mary Innovation Ltd PS423
Research Services and Business Development PS424
Strategic Planning Office PS425
Student Services PS426
Chief Operating Officer PS427
Principal's Office PS428
Estates and Facilities Directorate Support PS429
Genomics England GE700
QMUL Students QMULS500
Students Union QMSU600

This training module is for Security Staff only.