This course is suitable for all employees, workers, students and volunteers who spend time in Queen Mary buildings.


You will need an enrolment key to enrol onto the course. Please note, Enrolment Keys are case sensitive, but you can copy and paste them.

Undergraduate Students: QMS-01
Post Graduate Taught: QMS-02
Post Graduate Research: QMS-03

You will need to choose from the list below your School, Institute or Directorate.

School of Humanities and Social Science
Business and Management: HSS-01
Centre for Commercial Law Studies: HSS-02
Economics and Finance: HSS-03
English and Drama: HSS-04
Geography: HSS-05
History: HSS-06
Language Centre: HSS-07
Languages Linguistics and Film: HSS-08
Law: HSS-09
Politics and International Relations: HSS-10

School of Medicine and Dentistry
Barts Cancer Institute: SMD-01
Biological Services Unit: SMD-02
Blizard Institute: SMD-03
Institute of Dentistry: SMD-04
Institute of Health Sciences Education London: SMD-05
Institute of Health Sciences Education Malta: SMD-06
William Harvey Research Institute: SMD-07
Wolfson Institute of Population Health: SMD-08

Professional Services
Academic Registry and Council Secretariat:
Alumni Relations & Fundraising: PSS-02
Business Development / QM Innovation / Joint Research Management Office: PSS-03
Chief Operating Office: PSS-04
Estates and Facilities: PSS-05
Finance: PSS-06
Health and Safety Directorate: PSS-07
Human Resources: PSS-08
Information Technology Services: PSS-09
Marketing and Communications: PSS-10
Nursery: PSS-11
Principal’s Office: PSS-12
QM Academy: PSS-13
Strategic Planning Office: PSS-14
Student and Academic Services: PSS-15
Students Union: PSS-16

School of Science and Engineering
Biological and Behavioral Sciences: SSE-01
Electronic Engineering and Computing Sciences: SSE-02
Engineering and Materials Science: SSE-03
Mathematical Sciences: SSE-04
Physical and Chemical Sciences: SSE-05

If you have any questions about this training, or have issues accessing the training please email