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Some sites to stimulate reflection, thought and discussion with students

By Choice Not By Chance: supporting medical students towards future careers in general practice - a government-comissioned investigation by Professor Val Wass into the factors causing students to choose general practice as a career
Why I walked - an article on choosing to leave medicine
A Better NHS - a blog focusing on the political changes that affect the NHS from a general practice perspective
Out of Our Heads - a range of medical student and clinician artwork
My daft life - a blog by Sara Ryan who is a mother and learning disabilities researcher about many things but including her perspective on her son Connor who died in an NHS care institution from a seizure
Kate Granger - an elderly care registrar who died from sarcoma in July 2016 who started the campaign Hello, my name is
Betabetic - a complex endocrine patient writes a blog on her healthcare experiences
Which Me Am I Today - Wendy Mitchell's experience of living with dementia. She has also written a book called Somebody I Used to Know

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