Step 1: Adding Questions to the quiz

There are two ways of adding questions to a quiz:
  1. Directly
  2. From a Question Bank
To add questions directly after adding a blank quiz follow the steps below :
    1. Turn Editing on
    2. Select your blank Quiz.
    3. Click on Edit Quiz from the right hand Navigation under Settings>Quiz Administration.
    4. Click on the Add > A new question option.
    5. Select the Type of Question you want to include from the menu: in this case select - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) which allows the selection of a single or multiple answers from a pre-defined list.
    6. Give your question a name - this is not visible to students
    7. Ask the actual Question in the Question Text. The following is an example Question Text - 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous ______?'
    8. Select the Default Mark for this particular question (out of the maximum Quiz’s marks).
    9. Enter your choices and give the Grade for the correct answer, you can leave Grade as none for incorrect answers. You can also provide feedback for each answer.
    10. Click save changes at the bottom.

More information is available on the Moodle documentation on Quick Quiz Guide as well as Quiz Question Types
Last modified: Friday, 18 September 2020, 7:31 AM