Step 1: Adding a Quiz activity to the course

  1. Turn Editing On
  2. Under the Topic/Week where you want to add the quiz to, select Quiz from the Add an activity or resource menu and select Add.

Step 2: Configuring the Quiz settings

Next, set some initial settings for the Quiz.
    1. Under the General section:
      1. Set the Name of the quiz and add a description (Introduction) for the students to see.
    2. Under the Timing section:
      1. Choose when the quiz should become available for taking (Open the quiz) and when it will be closed (Close the quiz).
      2. Set the Time limit allowed to students while taking the quiz as well as what to do when the time has expired (automatically submit when time is up, allow a grace period, attempts must be submitted by student to be counted)
    3. Under the Grade section:
      1. Set how many Attempts allowed (how many times can the student redo the test)
      2. Set a Grading method for multiple-attempts quizzes – Highest grade auto calculates the highest score achieved from all attempts, Average score calculates the average score of all attempts, etc.
2015-04-12_1941 2015-04-12_1944
  • Under the Layout section you can determine how many pages, and how many questions per page, as well as set how students can navigate through the quiz - whether sequentially or freely.
  • Under the Question Behaviour you can set whether the questions are shuffled so that they appear in a different order for each student. There are also various ways to set how the questions will behave, such as:
    • Adaptive mode
    • Deferred Feedback (with/without Certainty Based Marking)
    • Immediate Feedback (with/without Certainty Based Marking)
    • Multiple tries
For more information on Quizzes - refer to the Moodle documentation.

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