Information for Students outside SED

Many modules in the School of English and Drama (SED) are open to students from other Schools, and to Study Abroad (or 'Associate') students who are at Queen Mary for one or both semesters during the academic year. Places for Study Abroad students are ring-fenced where possible. Places for students from other Schools will only be allocated where a module is not fully subscribed by students within the School of English and Drama.

The main QMUL Module Directory notes where SED modules are available to Study Abroad students, although you might also like to consult the additional information in this Module Directory. In general, a module that is not open to Study Abroad students will also not be open to students from other Schools.

Modules Exclusively for Study Abroad and External Students

Two stand-alone modules are available exclusively to students outside the School of English and Drama:

In addition, the Department of English offers Study Abroad students short 'A' and 'B' versions of several year-long modules. These 15-credit modules run either in Semester A or Semester B and are fully integrated with teaching and learning on the main module of which they form a part. (Study Abroad students at Queen Mary for the whole academic year are eligible to take either the short or the long version of these modules.)

Where A and B version modules are compliant with the QMUL Model, they are also available to other students outside the School of English and Drama (these are marked with an asterisk * on the list below).

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

QMUL Model and External Students

The School of English and Drama offers a range of QMUL Model modules. Some of these are available to students outside the School, although there may be criteria that restrict places to students on certain programmes (e.g. within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences only). Full lists of the School's QMUL Model modules can be accessed below: please check the detailed individual module entries for information about students to whom places are available.

Drama QMUL Model modules

English QMUL Model modules

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