Who does What in the School Physics and Astronomy

There is further information about most of these topics in various places in the Handbook. This is a short list of people to contact. If you don't know who is the right person ask try:

Ms Ruth Wilkinson School Manager;

Mr Gary Welch Teaching and Student Support Manager;

Ms Leonie Dos Santos Teaching Administration Officer;

Ms J. Vaca Ortiz Recruitment/Events Officer;

Mr Harvey Abraham Green Student Support Officer;

Ms Val Archer Administrative Assistant;

Ms Stefanie Hurrell Outreach and Recruitment Manager

Professor Steve Thomas is Senior Tutor. He has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the teaching programme. He allocates students to Advisers and monitors student progress generally. He is in close touch with Advisers who will only refer you to him if they cannot deal with your problem or query themselves.

The Senior Tutor's duties include oversight of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) chaired by Dr David Mulryne. The purpose of this committee is to give students some influence over decisions which affect them directly and allow them to express their views on teaching and School organisation. Its main aims are to consider: the content, organisation and teaching of courses and proposed changes; the provision of academic and general facilities in the School and College; students' complaints and suggestions. The Committee comprises three staff members and two elected student members from each year. The School regards the SSLC as vital in ensuring that students' views are considered in the development and implementation of the teaching programme and general running of the School.

All final year students must carry out an independent project, BSc students in their third year and MSci students in their fourth. Dr. C.B. Agnor is the Project Coordinator for both.

Examinations are the responsibility of Dr Marcella Bona who is Chairman of the Sub-Board of Examiners in Physics. All matters concerning examinations, including results, requests for review of Sub-Board decisions, requests for deferment or consideration for award of a degree, are handled by Dr Bona.

The School operates student exchange schemes for both undergraduate and postgraduate students with six universities in five European countries. The schemes, sponsored by EU SOCRATES, allow a student to spend one (exceptionally two) semesters studying at another institution. In the case of an undergraduate, examinations on courses or projects taken there are credited to the student's degree. Students interested in such exchange schemes or educational visits elsewhere in Europe should contact Dr Alston Misquitta, who has general responsibility in this area. Associate Students are also dealt with by Dr. Misquitta.

The Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) scheme at Queen Mary is a supplemental study program to support new students during the critical first year of study. Mentors chosen from second and third year students co-lead study sessions usually once a week for one hour. If you are interested please look at the URL http://www.qmul.ac.uk/undergraduate/teachers/wp/pass/index.html or see the School coordinator for the programme, Dr J. Wilson.

On matters concerning the student School library, the College Library and the availability of text books, see Dr Alston Misquitta The Physics Subject Librarian, Mr. James Soderman, also attends meetings of the Staff Student Liaison Committee where matters concerning the College Library may be raised by Student Representatives.

On graduation you may wish to stay on to take a PhD or MSc degree. A Postgraduate Prospectus, School Research Brochure and application forms can be obtained from Ms J. Vaca Ortiz, the Recruitment/Events Administrator. Ms Vaca Ortiz will answer general enquiries about research in the School and will direct students to the Head of the appropriate Research Centre for further information. Students interested in the MSc (Astrophysics) course should contact the Course Director, Dr. Will Sutherland

Dr T. Kreouzis. represents our professional body, the Institute of Physics, within the School. You are encouraged to take up student membership.

Students in their final year who need advice on careers should see Mr Harvey Abraham Green, our Student Support Administrator, who also provides a first point of contact for careers enquiries. Your advisor can also indicate where to obtain further information about opportunities for postgraduate study in other Universities. Further information about careers will be available on the following student careers pages.

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