Each quiz-coursework counts 4% towards your module mark. There will be 5 such assessed quiz-courseworks, to be submitted in weeks  3, 5, 8, 10, 12. You can take as much time as you wish until the quiz closes (however, the quiz should take less than an hour to complete on average). You have only one attempt at the assessment and when the quiz closes any open attempts will be automatically submitted. I'd recommend that you start working on the quiz well in advance of the closing date!

If your attempt is still in progress at the deadline the answers you have filled in so far should now be automatically submitted (whether or not you are actively working on the quiz-coursework).  However, for your own reassurance, you are recommended to explicitly submit your attempt wherever possible.  Please note that the time when the quiz closes will not be changed and late submissions will not be accepted.


You are encouraged to discuss the course material and lecture notes with other students.   However, your quiz-coursework submission must be your own work.  In particular, this means the following.

  • You should do the quiz questions by yourself, from your own computer, and not share answers.  It's OK to say to a friend "I think I need to understand the difference between free vectors and bound vectors, can you explain it to me?" but it's not OK to say "What is the answer to Question 2?".


As soon as the quiz-coursework deadline has closed, you will be able to see whether your answers to the quiz were right and what your marks are. Further feedback will be available in the small group tutorial in the following week.

Problem Sheets

The problem sheets will be discussed during the tutorials starting from week 2.  


Small group tutorials will take place each week, starting week 2.  Your tutor will contact you to introduce themselves and explain the arrangements.

In the tutorial your tutor will discuss the questions and solutions to the problem sheets. There will also be an opportunity to discuss general course-related queries as well as better understand the material which will help you to do the next quiz (but don't expect your tutor to give you the solutions to those!)

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