Accuracy and editing

Machine generated captions are never 100% accurate.  Accuracy depends on a variety of factors:

    • The quality of the audio on the recording
    • The amount of "jargon " used
    • How many speakers there are
    • The clarity of the speaker

This means you are almost always likely to have to do some editing of your captions.  QMplus Media provides an online caption editor.  This works in a very similar way to the caption editor available on YouTube.  You can also download the caption file and edit it in another program should you wish to.

Captions must be requested

As captions are not 100% accurate, you are likely to have to clean them up.  For this reason, we currently do not automatically create captions for all videos uploaded to QMplus Media.  This could cause confusion if captions appeared without having been checked.

Anyone who owns or has editing rights on a video can request and edit captions

If you upload a video to QMplus Media, you are automatically assigned as the owner of that video.  You can assign rights to others including the right to edit the video.  Captions can be requested and edited by owners and editors.
As students can upload videos to QMplus too, they can request captions for their own videos should they wish to.

Transcripts are searchable

  • Once captions and a transcript have been created for your video, they are searchable.  This makes it easier for you and anyone with the ability to see your video to find what they are looking for

Transcripts are downloadable

  • The full transcript for your video can be downloaded.