Raman system update

Raman system update

by Andrei Sapelkin -
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Dear All, 

A few updates on the state of and plans for the Raman system. 

Some of you may have already noticed loss of laser power for the 442 nm and 633 nm lasers. As consequence, we currently have only 785 nm laser available on the system. The problem is somewhat exacerbated by the ongoing issues with the technical support following recent School merger. The situation is being addressed and we should have Raman technical support in place soon. Meanwhile, I will set aside some time to investigate the problem and will update you as soon as I know more. 

In the medium term, there is an ongoing discussion of the Raman system relocation to a dedicated room. I'll keep you posted on this development with advance warning circulated about the dates the system will be out of action. I also plan to use this relocation to perform the Raman system maintenance (e.g. laser replacement and realignment, etc.) and further upgrade (e.g. adding the low wavenumber (below 150-200 cm-1) capabilities). 

Meanwhile, please use the forum section of the Raman QMPlus page to report any issues with the system. 

Best wishes

Dr. Andrei Sapelkin