Raman system update

Raman system update

by Andrei Sapelkin -
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Dear All,

Here is a somewhat overdue update on the state of our Raman system. 

First of all some staff information update. Technician that has been providing day-to-day system support has retired and we are currently looking for a replacement. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or issues to report, please leave those in the Raman system forum in QMLUS (go to the page where you book the system and follow the "Raman System Forum" link to leave the information. Please use QMPLUS (rather than the hardcopy logbook in the lab) as a primary source of communication. 

You may have noticed that performance of some of the lasers has deteriorated somewhat. That is particularly noticeable for the 442 nm laser. I'm aware of the issue and we are currently seeking funds to address that. The timeline for the maintenance and replacement is currently unclear and I'll inform you all on the progress in due course. Meanwhile, if you encounter a problem with 442 nm laser line, please use an alternative wavelength (633 nm or 785 nm). 

Best wishes

Dr Andrei Sapelkin