Raman system laser shutter issue

Raman system laser shutter issue

by Andrei Sapelkin -
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Dear All,

Unfortunately the Raman system has developed an intermittent laser shutter fault. We have tried to resolve this remotely with the help of a Renishaw engineer, but have not been successful. This means that we will have to seek additional funding for on-site maintenance call in order for the issue to be resolved.  

May I ask all grant holders using the system to come forward to discuss the funding required (circa £3K) to bring the system back online. Please email me directly at a.sapelkin@qmul.ac.uk

Meanwhile, since the issue is intermittent, you can continue booking the system, but be aware that it may not be operational. Please report any issues with the system to me as I may have to close the booking system should this shutter fault become permanent.

All the best wishes


Dr Andrei Sapelkin (a.sapelkin@qmul.ac.uk)